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What do you notice about this bottle?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Global Balance Laundry Liquid. What makes this product eco-friendly?

You can't have an eco-friendly laundry liquid if it's filled with harmful ingredients that pollute the environment. Stuff like dyes, optical brighteners, phosphates, enzymes, chlorine bleach, propylene glycol, ethanol. So those were the first things that Allan Benjamin at Global Balance Products eliminated. Global Balance is exactly the kind of business I like to support - a local business where the owner gives thought to the environmental impact of each step of the process. So when Allan came to designing the cap for his bottle, to cut down on the amount of plastic that goes into the packaging of his liquid laundry soap, Allan designed a small cap with no pump. He recommends using 1/4 cup per load but I've found that half of that is plenty! #ecofriendly #laundryliquid #nontoxic #GlobalBalanceProducts #greenbusiness

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