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Does EcoColors contain peroxide and ammonia?

EcoColors Hair Color contains very small, non-toxic amounts of peroxide and ammonia. You need them to create a permanent hair color (oxidation hair color). In order for a permanent hair color to work, it must have a method of getting the dye pigments into the hair shaft - that's why peroxide is used. Ammonia is necessary if you want lift and gray coverage. There is no permanent hair color that is totally botanical. The biggest difference with the other hair colors on the market is all the toxic ingredients not found in EcoColors. Some other hair color companies don’t use ammonia but monoethanolamine, ethanolamine or DEA instead. Don’t be fooled by ammonia-free hair colors. They usually contain these dangerous odorless chemicals that are particularly hard to detect! EcoColors does not use these ingredients as they are very toxic and damaging to the hair. EcoColors follows the European Union standards for non-toxic ingredients, which is much stricter than the United States guidelines.

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