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Gothenburg Vegan. First stop in Gothenburg - Café Andrum

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Would I find anything in Gothenburg to eat besides herring?

Cafè Andrum

Östra Hamngatan 19 Gothenburg 411 10

No need to worry!

hot buffet at Café Andrum, photo by Barney Fyman

The first thing I like to do when I get to a new town is check out the vegan restaurants. When I found Cafe' Andrum I breathed easy! This is my kind of restaurant. One glance at the buffet at Andrum and I knew that Swedish cuisine is so much more than herring! Swedes are VERY health and food conscious so I should have known that I would find loads of great vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout Sweden. Pickled vegetables, dips, spreads, 'slaws - and that was just the cold entries. They also have an assortment of choices on the hot table. Soups, breads, desserts. The room itself is comfortable and airy. Open every day in the heart of Gothenberg. #cafeandrum #veganrestaurants #gothenburgvegan #gotëborgrestaurants #veganinswedan #veganingotëborg

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