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NYC Vegan. The Organic Grill was love at first sight

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Vibrant and inviting, I had a good feeling about The Organic Grill (East Village, NYC) the moment my wife and I walked in. My expectations continued to rise as the plates of the other diners were carried by. The restaurant has been open and largely vegetarian for years, but they have recently switched to totally vegan. #organicgrill #nyceats #vegetarian #vegan

Call it beginner's luck but we chose two delicious dishes:

Potato Pierogis #potatopierogis

and a tofu omelette. #tofuomelette

Vladimir, the friendly and accommodating manager told us that we can expect great things in the near future - the chef was putting the finishing touches on a new omelette that would taste just like eggs. That's definitely on my list! Some of the other choices I'm looking forward to trying: Green Machine Burger (Roasted mushroom patty, pesto, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, & sprouts. Voted “Top 10 Best Vegan Burgers in NYC” – Gothamist 2014 & “Best Veggie Burger NYC” – One Green Planet 2015) and Kimchi fries. #veganrestaurantsnyc #veganfoodeastvillage #veganNYC #bestveganburgernyc

Vladimir tells me that The Organic Grill will soon be spreading its wings and adding an additional room for classes and most intriguing, a pop-up restaurant. He'll be inviting chefs and restaurant owners from other areas to come down to the East Village and do their magic for a day. What a great idea! Lucky us - we'll get to experience the cooking of chefs we never would have met. Get in touch with Vladimir at The Organic Grill info@theorganicgrill to find out more: fb: theorganicgrill twitter: theorganicgrill instagram: @organicgrill #theorganicgrill #eastvillagerestaurants

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