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NYC Vegan. Last week I met the king of NYC's hummus

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Eran Hileli of Holy Hummus and Holyland Market makes a fantastic hummus! St. Marks Place, NYC

Last week I had the great fun of talking with Israeli native Eran Hileli in his shop right here in New York City about his mouthwatering hummus. It's the tastiest hummus I've ever had - and that includes anything I found find on Dizengoff Street. He has three styles: Nazareth Real Hummus with Pine Nuts, Traditional Classic Hummus with Chickpeas, Jerusalem Classic Hummus and Homestyle Hummus with Olive Oil. Eran shared with me the secret trick of the Homestyle Hummus. He tells me that Israeli-style hummus is chunky and eaten warm so he's trying to educate his American audience. #eranhileli #israelistylehummus #nazarethrealhummus #traditionalclassichummus #homestylehummus #jerusalemclassichummus #hummusmassabaha #EastVillageIsraeliGroceries #veganhummus

"My Homestyle Hummus with Olive Oil is the ultimate hummus adventure - Hummus Massabaha"

It's loaded with chickpeas that absorb the water so take a few tablespoons of the hummus, add a bit of olive oil and heat it up in a microwave - 15 seconds in, remove and stir. Repeat two more times (warm for 15 seconds, remove and stir; warm for 15 seconds, remove and stir). If you don't have a microwave use a double boiler or anything you would use to melt chocolate. #warmeduphummus

If you live in NYC you can find the best hummus you'll ever have at either Holyland Market, 122 St. Mark's Place or Brooklyn Fare. Or you can call Eran ( (212) 477-4440) and schmooze about his products. #NYCvegan #vegan #hummus #eastvillagevegan #holylandmarket

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