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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

One of the great pleasures of travel is the element of surprise. And nothing was a bigger surprise than finding a totally traditional, totally vegan/vegetarian pub in London. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about it Norman's Coach & Horses #londonpub #veganlondon #veganpub #NormansCoachandHorses

The Coach & Horses, a traditional local pub with one major difference - it's totally vegetarian/vegan!

Tofush and Chips with onion rings and beer. Heaven.

I went for their signature dish, tofu wrapped in seaweed, marinated in lemon and battered in a vegan beer batter served with peas, chips and their own vegan tartar sauce. It was excellent. Rossella tried the Shepherd's Pie, served with a jug of vegan gravy.

Shepherd's Pie, vegan style!

#veganfishandchips #eatvegan #veganshepherdspie #pubgrup #vegansdontmissout

As if a great vegan meal wasn't enough, I looked up and spotted this sign

What? Pub Sing-a-long? #singalong Lucky us! We were there on the right day and the right time.

How often do you find a real pub sing-a-long?

Sing along John at The Coach & Horses

All the regulars knew all the arrangements and it did my soul a world of good to sing out. So pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile smile smile! When you're in London, you don't want to miss Norman's Coach & Horses.

But a vegan pub was just the beginning of vegan London. We had a great lunch at Itadaki Zen, Europe's first vegan Japanese restaurant! Grilled tofu, homemade kimchi, vegetable tempura. #vegansoflondon #veganjapanesefood #tofu #kimchi #kingscrossrestaurants #veganrestaurantslondon

From London we took the train from St. Pancras to Whitstable in Kent.

Whitstable harbor.

We were there on their Annual Oyster Fest, but fear not, just because absolutely everyone was eating oysters, didn't mean we could find a charming vegan/vegetarian restaurant:

100% Vegan Eatery. What more do you need?

Potato Tomato co-owners and sisters, Becky and Niki, are long time vegans. Their dream has been to show people that cruelty-free food and drink can look and taste amazing. Works for me. We had two very tasty dishes

Grilled Tofuna, crisps and salad

Mac and cheese casserole with braised kale

For our last night in London we had tickets to hear the glorious Mahler Symphony #8 #mahler8 at the Royal Albert Hall. I had never been there, much less heard a concert there, much less heard a concert known as "The Symphony of One Thousand." In 1906 Mahler had written to a music critic about his work in progress:

Just think: within the last three weeks I have completed the sketch of a completely new symphony, something that makes all my other works seem like preliminary efforts.  I have never composed anything like this.  In content and style it is altogether different from all my other works, and it is surely my greatest accomplishment.  I have probably never worked under such compulsion; it was a vision that struck me like lightning. The whole immediately stood before my eyes; I had only to write it down, as if it had been dictated to me . . . .

Here's what the stage looked like! I don't think they had literally a thousand singers on stage but they had plenty!

I knew I needed a good meal going in. Squirrel did not disappoint. In #SouthKensington, not far from the awesome V&A Museum , Squirrel's guiding philosophy is simple: healthy, nutritious, casual, tasty.

We had two delicious dishes - ratatouille stew and the Absolutely Radishin Salad of hummus, quinoa, rocket, cauliflower, carrot, shredded red cabbage, radish, mint, za'atar and herby tahini dressing.

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