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Revolutionize Cleaning Your Windows

New Way! Viva the Revolution! Old Way! What a Hassle!

Here is how you clean windows now. You’ve got a large roll of paper towels and a spray cleaner. Should be an easy chore. How long could it take? You spray the window and after using loads of paper, you step back expecting to see clean windows. Surprise! Your windows are far from clean and very streaky. So you go back and clean again, again and again. What a hassle! No wonder you are always delaying cleaning your windows.

There is a way to make cleaning windows easy and fast. No paper towels, no spray cleaner, no fuss. All you need is the e-cloth Window Cleaning 2-cloth set. You just dampen the first cloth with water to wash window and then dry window with the second cloth.That’s it. Step back and enjoy clean, streak-free windows at the first go. It sounds unbelievable until you’ve tried it. The cloths are machine washable and can be used over and over. Do the math. In the long run, you’ll be saving money on the cost of supplies and saving time and effort. And let’s not forget the positive impact your action will have on the environment.

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