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Some good news for a change! And this news is REALLY good.

Updated: Jan 28

Remember when you would see discarded plastic bags wherever you walked?

NYC street scene before plastic bag ban goes into effect. Let's check back after March 1, 2020.

Or in trees?

When discarded plastic bags get blown around, we know that they will sooner or later wind up in the environment or landfill.

But that was then. This is now: Effective March 1, 2020 New York State is banning plastic bags.

NYS flyer announcing March 1, 2020 ban on plastic bags

With very few exceptions, New Yorkers will need to bring a reusable bag with them when they shop. Stores will no longer pack your order in plastic. Instead many will use your own

#BYOBagNY or the store will offer you a paper bag. Merchants will be permitted to charge customers 5¢ for each paper bag. A lot of New Yorkers will complain - there has been a fierce lobbying campaign against these changes for years - but from my point of view it makes perfect sense.

#reuse #bethechange #banthebag

New Yorkers have been adding up to 28 million single use plastic bags annually to our environment. Annually. I'm talking about all those plastic bags you see stuck in trees, getting blown around in the streets, clogging up the water drains. Many of these bags are single use plastic. Other states have experimented with different ways of avoiding plastic bags and they've found that they work! People get used to carrying along reusable bags. It's actually pretty handy and no big deal.



Now that we're through with single use plastic, the next question is, how do you clean your reusable bags? Not a problem.

In New York State you can also recycle plastic bags and film plastics in certain retail stores and most grocery stores. Safely dispose of things like garment bags, retail bags with string ties removed, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, produce bags, bread bags , over wrap from paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, etc), stretch/shrink wrap, and bubble wrap

At Sunrise Lane we have been plastic free for over a decade. It's not a marketing gimmick. It's our life choice.

#breakfreefromplastic #greenliving #saveourplanet

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