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Edinburgh Vegan. Vegan haggis? Whoa... That's different!

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Haggis is one of those dishes you simply can't avoid in your cruising around #Edinburgh. Eating haggis and sampling the whiskey are the quintessentially Scottish things everyone must do. So when Edinburgh came up as The Next Travel Destination, I knew it required closer consideration. But what is #haggis exactly? Glad you asked:




  1. a Scottish dish consisting of a sheep's or calf's offal mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning and boiled in a bag, traditionally one made from the animal's stomach.

Wait! What? offal? suet? an animal's stomach? I don’t think so. But on my very first visit to Edinburgh, I certainly didn’t want to miss a taste of its most famous dish, so I was thrilled to find a collection of three inviting restaurants that would offer their own vegan versions of traditional Scottish dishes: Hendersons Vegan, Hendersons The Salad Table and Hendersons Deli. #veganEdinburgh #veganScotland #ScottishTourism #veganforlife #Hendersons

Hendersons Vegan - one of four Hendersons eateries around Edinburgh. We hit three out of four. All were delicious.

On my first night in Scotland's capital city I was able to tuck into Henderson Vegan's delicious version of haggis. #veganhaggis

Haggis with steamed & pickled turnip, roasted brussell sprouts and tarragon whiskey sauce.

Between my wife and I, we also tried the #Linguine #veganfood

Linguine with sauteed wild mushrooms, tofu bacon and kale.

and no meal is complete without dessert #vegandessert. In this case a delicious chocolate/banana mousse #veganmousse:

Chocolate/banana mouse.

And that was just one of Hendersons restaurants. We also ate at the Salad Table (downstairs in below photo):

And for a light lunch, stop by Hendersons Deli (upstairs in the above photo) #veganscones.

Hendersons Deli & Shop. Great vegan/vegetarian sandwiches, pastries, cooked plates.

When you are next in Edinburgh, do not miss having a meal at the amazing #DavidBann. You will thank me! We started with Homemade hummus with tomato chutney and homemade bread and a plate of olives. #hummus #olives

and followed with Risotto of asparagus.

Risotto of asparagus, braised leek and roasted red pepper. Arborio rice cooked in the cook's special broth with braised leek, white wine, vegan mascarpone with red pepper sauce. Topped with asparagus and watercress .

I've eaten loads of risotto in Italy, the land of risotto, but I have to say this was the best. Creamy and elegant. I didn't want it to end! #veganrisotto

For beer, we went with #Fraoch heather ale. It's been brewed in Scotland since 2000 B.C.E. How often do you drink a beer and walk through 4000 years of history?

- A full malt body a spicy herbal finish. We also tried #Lawless Village IPA - A copper-coloured, aromatic beer, brewed in nearby #Leith.

We also ran into a local protest in favor of #veganism. I was able to tell them that my wife and I have been vegetarians for over forty years and vegan for two years.

Vegans in Edinburgh spreading the word #noanimalcruelty #nocrueltytoanimals


vegan protest. Edinburgh, July 2018 #crueltyfree

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