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In the face of staggering climate change problems, getting discouraged would be easy.  Easy but wrong. 

Every day people around the country and around the world are working together to find solutions.  Which products can you buy that will have a lesser impact on our local environments?  How can we remove the plastics that have accumulated in the oceans?  How can you find substitutes for the most damaging pollutants in our home?  We're going to dream, then dream even bigger to find solutions.  I'll be bringing you inspiration and practical ideas, showing you how you can start today to make changes that will help to heal.

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Urban: lifelong New Yorker - that's the urban part.

Greenista: passionately committed to healing our earth and reducing my carbon footprint.  Most errands, commuting and shopping I do on my bike; I bring in my own coffee mug when I have coffee out; I compost and recycle; I am co-owner of Sunrise Lane Products


I look forward to the day when the United States will once again rejoin the Paris Climate Accord!